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GetStyle: Redefining Fashion for the Modern Era

by Iqbal Akhtar Hussain 24 Jun 2023 0 Comments


In 1992, in the heart of Pakistan, a visionary named Iqbal Akhtar Hussain founded GetStyle—a fashion destination that would revolutionize the industry. With the support of his brother, Baqir Bilal Hussain, GetStyle began as a multi-brand store, offering a diverse range of fashion choices under one roof. Today, we take a journey through the remarkable evolution of GetStyle, from its humble beginnings to its triumphant return as a leading fashion powerhouse in 2023.


Inception and Expansion Under the leadership of Iqbal Akhtar Hussain, GetStyle opened its doors in Pakistan, offering a curated selection of fashion brands that catered to different styles and tastes. The store showcased four sub-brands, each with its distinct identity: Shanzay, known for women's embroidered luxury clothes; Sarooshay, specializing in women's casual wear; Musa, providing men's formal attire, and Essa, offering men's shalwar kameez and western wear and Anoushey known for embroidered cloths . With a commitment to quality and exceptional customer service, GetStyle quickly gained popularity among fashion enthusiasts.

Dubai Success and National Expansion Driven by a passion for excellence, Iqbal Akhtar Hussain ventured into international markets, opening a successful branch of GetStyle in Dubai. The store garnered praise for its premium collection and unique shopping experience. Inspired by this triumph, the Hussain brothers returned to Pakistan and opened seven more stores across the country. Their dedication to delivering top-notch fashion choices to diverse communities set GetStyle apart as a leading fashion retailer.

A Change 

Transition and Innovation Always at the forefront of the industry, the visionary minds behind GetStyle decided to embark on a new chapter. They made the strategic decision to transition from a clothing-focused brand to an accessories powerhouse. This marked the birth of GetStyle's accessories line, catering to the growing demand for trendy and high-quality accessories that complemented every fashion style. The brand's commitment to style, craftsmanship, and affordability propelled its success in the market.

 Resurgence of GetStyle In 2023

GetStyle, a Pakistani fashion brand with an unparalleled legacy, has returned to the fashion scene with a renewed dedication to redefine fashion for the modern era. Under the leadership of Chief Operations Officer Musa Iqbal, the son of Iqbal Akhtar Hussain, and with the guidance of Chairman of Get-Group, Iqbal Akhtar Hussain (IA Hussain) and CEO of Get-Group, Baqar Bilal Hussain, GetStyle has once again become a beacon of fashion excellence. The brand's revival brings back the original multi-brand store concept, providing a comprehensive shopping experience to fashion enthusiasts across Pakistan.

In addition to GetStyle, the Get-Group has also worked on several other projects, including:

  • SocioOn, Pakistan's first national social media network
  • BMG (Be My Guest), a charity that helps poor people in Pakistan by providing them with food and shelter
  • Get-Technologies, Pakistan's largest LED lights production company
  • Gwadar CPEC Holding Company, a real estate company that deals in Gwadar
  • Food Wheels, a delivery service business that provides delivery service to small restaurants

All of these projects are managed by IA Hussain, the chairman of Get-Group, Baqar Bilal Hussain, the CEO of Get-Group, and Musa Iqbal, the managing director.

The Get-Group is a diversified company with a strong focus on innovation and social responsibility. They are committed to making a positive impact on Pakistan, and their work in the fashion, technology, and social sectors is testament to their dedication.

From its inception in 1992 to its triumphant return in 2023, GetStyle has left an indelible mark on the fashion landscape. Combining the vision of its founder, Iqbal Akhtar Hussain, the strategic acumen of Baqar Bilal Hussain, and the creative prowess of Musa Iqbal, GetStyle continues to redefine fashion through its multi-brand store concept and accessories line. With a commitment to quality, style, and customer satisfaction, GetStyle invites fashion lovers to embark on a new era of unparalleled fashion experiences. Welcome to the world of GetStyle, where trends are embraced, tradition is celebrated, and fashion knows no bounds.

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